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A truly full service television production company, we can take your project from beginning to end.

Creative is more than the first word in our name, it is the essence of what we do. First we work with your ideas or can suggest our ideas to find the best way to translate your message into a language that is foreign to many people--television.

Then we will work with you to find the best way to execute the ideas. We have lots of resources under our roof to provide economical and efficient ways to get your project done. Here are some examples.

If you are doing a live event, you might need to use our mobile video production center. This is a video control room on wheels.

If you need to work with a smaller crew, or in a smaller setting, our single camera and multiple camera field packages can do the job. We've got all the toys from the Sony D-30/BVV-5 BetaSP cameras to smaller format MiniDV or digital field audio packages.

We can provide an assortment of microphones, field lighting equipment not to mention the creative magic we carry up our sleve.

While our video edit systems provide excellent capabilities, some projects need special attention to their sound. With our multi-track audio post-production facilities, we're ready.

You want eye candy. We've got the tools. We can do 3D animation, Special Effects and Graphics.

Of course, after you've made this marvelous production to tell your story, it won't do you much good if people don't see it. The final step is putting it in the right places to reach the right people.

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